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Training for an ultra distance and extreme sporting race? 
Let the staff at Vertical Realms help train and certify you, or your team, for the climbing/rappelling segment of that race!
Training: In three to five one-hour sessions, we can teach you the skills necessary to rappel, traverse, and ascend a rope.  After completing the technique training, Vertical Realms will certify you, and sign the certification registration forms required for you race or event.Certification:Already have raced before and entering a new race? Show us your skills and Vertical Realms will sign your race registration.
Skills Required for Certification Student must demonstrate the following skills for certification:
  • Fit harness properly, and safely secure all buckles
  • Properly set-up the rappel device
  • Properly go 'over a lip' to begin a rappel
  • Be in proper body position on a low-angle, vertical, and free hanging rappels
  • Maintain a proper brake hand position
  • Control speed during decent
  • Use a no-hands back-up below the rappel device on the rope, attached to the brake hand-side harness leg loop
  • Demonstrate a firefighter safety belay for a teammate from the bottom of the rappelPerform all of the above skills with 20# pack.
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