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Climbing Wall Inspections


An annual climbing wall inspection is critical for the quality of your programs and to minimize your programs liability risk. Insurance companies are moving toward requiring an annual inspection of climbing walls and equipment and we agree this is a wise thing to do. 


Our staff, led by Chuck Boyd, has twenty plus years of experience building and maintaining climbing wall systems.  
Chuck is certified by the Association of Challenge Course Technologies, (ACCT) as a Level 1 inspector, American Mountain Guides Association, (AMGA) as a rock instructor, climbing wall instructor provider, and is very familiar with the latest methods and manners used in the construction of climbing wall systems. 
Vertical Realms, LLC will thoroughly check your climbing wall and associated equipment, to ensure that the climbing wall, anchors, and belay systems meet current standards for climbing use. We will provide a detailed report of the findings of our inspection. Contact Vertical Realms for more information and to schedule your annual inspection. 
Climbing Wall Repairs


With over 20 years of experience building and maintaining climbing wall systems, Vertical Realms can make minor repairs to your climbing wall or anchoring systems. 
After our annual inspection, Vertical Realms will prepare an inspection report developed from staff notations on any problems with your climbing structure or anchoring system.  After reviewing the inspection report with our clients, Vertical Realms can make the necessary repairs or corrections.   
If you are interested in new walls or additions, Vertical Realms works with general contractors who specialize in climbing wall construction and complete projects in a timely manner.  The general contractors can provide quotes for your project.
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