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Vertical Realms provides staff training and AMGA climbing wall instructor certifications for all climbing walls, schools, camps, and outdoor climbing programs.   
Any school or organization that offers a climbing program needs appropriate training, and certification.  Vertical Realms, LLC offers programs to prepare staff to manage a good program.  Participants will learn common practices for proper use of equipment, top rope techniques, knot tying, general climbing knowledge, basic rescue skills, and an understanding of the responsibilities of the climbing program staff.  
Our instructors are certified American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) Climbing Wall Instructor Providers, Rock Instructors, or Single Pitch Instructors who will provide you and your staff with the best program possible.  
We can assist you in developing a new program including;
  • Documentation 
  • Records for equipment usage 
  • Proper storage of equipment 
  • Site management 
  • Skills certification 
Pricing vary according to your programs needs. 
Contact Vertical Realms for pricing information @ (860) 508-5273



Veritical Realms offers a top-rope training program to all organizations running outdoor climbing programs. 
This program meets the goals of the Connecticut Youth Camp Staff Certification Requirements, Section IX, Challenge Course Director.
Courses will be designed around the participants' climbing experience and may vary in length from 2 to 5 days.
We will pre-screen staff to determine their ability level and the required training necessary to be acceptable to all the institutional top roping skills. 
Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a written and oral performance evaluation.  A candidate receiving a passing score will be qualified for the State of Connecticut requirements for challenge courses. 
Contact Vertical Realms to arrange a pre-screening of your staff and for pricing information. 860-508-5273
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