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Indoor Rock Climbing
Introduction to Climbing Indoors:
We recommend that most first time climbers sign-up with Prime Climb or Rock Climb Fairfield for their belay and knot classes, offered most Saturday mornings, which last about two hours.  Private Lessons can be scheduled during the week. 
In the lesson, you will learn the basic skills required for climbing in a controlled environment, plus a two week membership and receive a discount on the basic equipment necessary for climbing. 

Contact Prime Climb at 203-265-7880 or Rock Climb Fairfield at 203-416-5500 for more details, or ask for Chuck, who teaches technique training during the week at Prime Climb.

Rock Climbing Technique Training
Offered at Prime Climb Inc.

- 3 or 5 session programs at



  3 sessions   $195.

  5 sessions   $325.

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